Our Mission

We are passionate about skin and are dedicated to sourcing premium products and providing exceptional services to our diverse customers.

At Beauty by M Jones we are committed to a kaizen philosophy towards developing our expertise in skin care and treatments ensuring we are fresh and contemporary.

We take a holistic approach to beauty and our treatments are created to let your natural beauty shine and give you the confidence to love your skin.

Beauty Facials



“ACE Serum is a unique take on many of the flooded market that is ‘Age Serum’s’!

With the inclusion of Vitamins A, C and E this light product helps not only with anti-aging but tackles other skin problems such as acne, which many people think is a ‘teenage’ problem but unfortunately with hormones changing as you age a ‘break out’ can often be a regular part of life.

Using ACE Serum has improved my collagen since I’ve started using this lovely light ‘citrus’ smelling liquid. Encouraging all 3 layers of skin to positively glow.”


Rae, Kent

“I’m not really a ‘beauty’ person, and have the simplest of regimes for my face. Wash with my trusted face wash I’ve used since I was a teen, I’ve progress somewhat with my cleanser/toner although it’s an all in one solution and found what I thought was the ideal moisturiser. I’d do all of that in the morning, but hardly ever before going to bed. And facials were what I got when I treated myself to a spa day bi-annually.

I thought I had it sussed until I had a baby and I was just about managing to wash and moisturise daily and cleanse/tone whenever time allowed.

So bring in the ACE Serum and Collagen & Retinol Moisturiser. It made me bring back a regime regardless of being a Mum. Better still, I use it morning and night and my skin feels as soft as my baby’s skin – well almost. The serum is light and refreshing. It smells great and I love tapping it on my face. The moisturiser is just right for my skin not too heavy or light. My face is definitely not as dry as it was. Beauty by M Jones has helped me get back to feeling ‘like me’ again and can’t wait to add more products from the range.”


A satisfied Mum, London

“I absolutely love facials by Marianne. I used to think my skin care regime was enough but Marianne has taught me not only the importance of what I put on my skin but also how to use it. In only 2 sessions I feel more knowledgeable about my skin and particular products and can see the difference on my face. I am a lot more conscious about how I treat my skin and am very ecited to try more of the Beauty by M Jones products.

In addition to all of this, the hour long facials are the perfect opportunity to completely relax, proven by the fact that I have fallen asleep each time!”


Jocelyn, London

Enzyme Rich Mask – “this is an instant pick me up for dull tired skin. After removing my skin is instantly brighter and softer.”


Leanne, Buckinghamshire

Radiance Cleanser – “this light, creamy cleanser deep cleans my skin leaving it feeling thoroughly clean without feeling stripped or dry. With continued use I definitely think this has helped boost radiance!”


Leanne, Buckinghamshire